Is iPhone X – The BEST of It's Time?

Finally, iPhone launched iPhone X on his 10th Anniversary. You will read a quick review of iPhone X. In which I’m going to discuss specs and features of iPhone X and my personal Opinions about iPhone X.
So friends iPhone launched iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X (10) and skipped iPhone 9 and directly launched iPhone X means iPhone 10.

Features and specs

iPhone X is very new Phone, new design with stain less steel frame. Glass back with 5.8 inches screen. It has 1125 into 2436 pixels it’s very slim, tall and good looking on hands. The processor is very new by apple A11 Bionic chip. Battery life is between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. iPhone never told exactly in mah They told in periods long day, full day or all day. Wireless charging and you can also charge by fast charge.
iPhone X Camera
The iPhone X rear camera comes with dual camera. Aperture is F1 .8 F2.4. 12 megapixels with optical zoom and portrait options which are from iPhone 7 plus.
This iPhone 10 is a really good alternative of Oppo and Vivo. This phone is without finger print scanner but it has another wonder full lock which is face lock. Apple called that it is more secure with new technology means it will unlock your phone even your face changes with times.

My opinions

This iPhone contains almost all the features of iPhone 8  and iPhone 8 plus. The fast charging is a great advantage but LED notification light is also not available in iPhone 10. By the way, if we talk about all over features iPhone 10 is a unique phone.
iPhone 10 is a very expensive phone. There are two different variants 64gb and 256gb. If you want to buy 64gb’s iPhone 10 it’s price triple 9 Dollars $999 and if you want 256gb’s iPhone 10 it’s price is $1149.
You can pre book iPhone 10 from 26 October and deliveries start from 4 November. This duration is too much so are you for iPhone X or you are buying iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus or you are going with Galaxy Note 8 give your feedback in comment section.

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