How I Increase Video Size on Blogger Posts

Embedding a YouTube video in your blog post is the best practice to make your post content rich and visually effective. Moreso, Do you know: when you add videos to your blog post it helps you to decrease the bounce rate and increases your revenue.

It is very easy to add videos on our blog posts by using the blogger post editing tool bar but only by default blogger post's video size which i use to know is small and doesn't fill the whole post width, that small size can affect your video impact on readers. So, to increase the size of your blogger video (By maintaining your default template size or its ratio) so that viewers can see clearly just follow the give tutorial with images. 


Steps: How To Change YouTube Video Size

Step 1. Login to your blogger account > Dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML

Step 2. Click anywhere inside the code and search for the following code (use Ctrl + F):
Step 3. Just above it place the following code:
<script src='//' type='text/javascript'></script><script>$('.YOUTUBE-iframe-video').ready(function(){$('.YOUTUBE-iframe-video').parent().css({    'position': 'relative',    'padding-bottom': '56.25%',    'height': '0',    'clear': 'both',    'text-align': 'center',    'margin': '20px 0'});
$('.YOUTUBE-iframe-video').css({    'position': 'absolute',    'top': '0',    'left': '0',    'width': '100%',    'height': '100%',});});</script>

Step 4. Click Save template.
Done !
All of your embedded YouTube videos will be of full size and responsive with your post width. If you have and issue related to above tutorial comment below. Stay Updated

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